Painting in tiny increments

Jul. 25th, 2017 09:53 pm
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Before Hägnan I managed to paint part of the south wall of the house (the bit to the left of the leftmost office window, and the bit under both windows). Sunday after Hägnan I was busy putting stuff away and out to dry (while it only really rained on set up day (Tuesday) and a hint of rain early on Wednesday, the event stayed pleasantly cool enough to need to wear wool all the time, so things that got wey early didn't really dry, and linen things that were never unpacked still felt a little damp after the event.)

Monday I ran a four-hour map at work, and am pleased to report that the new ICP-MS computer didn't do the werid crash thing (which was the goal of replacing the old one, but this was my first chance to trst it), but that got me home late enough (it takes a couple of hours to set up the experiment) that I had no energy left for home improvement.

Today I also worked later than I should have, in part because I was enjoying looking at the results of yesterday's experiment (this garnet has the same cool Y and REE zoning patterns as in the other Nautanen sample I have analyzed, I really do need to do a fine scale close up map across a rim segment of one of these garnets to see how many pulses of fresh Y and REE were introduced to the rock as the grains were growing, and see if is possible to date any of those pulses). But the other distraction was the fact that one of my Master's students (L.) was in the office working on her own data reduction, and, while we both made progress on our work, she and I also kept getting diatracted talking, sometimes about my results, sometimes hers, sometimes about the SCA (she was, of course, at Hägnan last week), some about the week long Nyckelharpa course she attended, and about the nine-month course she hopes to do someday, and even about cookies.

Nonetheless, I managed to get home early enough to get in a nap before dinner and then do some house painting, so now the bit between the office windows has had its first coat. With luck I will get time to do the second coat tomorrow afternoon.

Home from Hägnan

Jul. 23rd, 2017 08:46 pm
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Now I am home from the event, everything is put away or hanging up to air, showered, and in bed before 21:00. The short version of the event is, as my friend Linda said as she was leaving site "...the best Hägnan yet". With luck I will have the energy to post why I agree beforeI forget the details.

Out of the Habit

Jul. 19th, 2017 01:35 pm
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So much is happening, so much is not happening; I'm out of the habit of journalling here, which I'm sure I'll regret at some point.

JORB: Had an interview, at the place where the VP kept blowing me off. He asked for a lot, gave nothing, so I sent him a presentation with a request (with a SOCK award) in it. IF he contacts me before the end of the month, I'll owe him socks. IF not, no loss.

It leads me to think, what do I really want in a job?

TRAVELS: West/An Tir was low key, but fun. Chuck and Petra were camp close due to hayfever, so I didn't get out as much as I normally do. Did sing Woad a lot, visited a bit, listened to people. Played Stick, got MagPye to sing (beautiful soprano) and a little from Aasa. Heard the Calontiri WestWarsong, which is good but not perfect, and I will learn and teach it.

....more later
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We got home from our time working on Gustaf's landscaping project on Wednesday evening, which gave us Thursday to recover. David and I sat down with the internet and looked at some options for a replacement computer (which, if I get one, probably means I won't go to the states to visit my sisters in October due to the costs involved), but rather than ordering one straight away, I instead went to my office and brought home my work computer (which is what I am using at the moment). We have a thing in our Dropbox folder that I can use to log into our server and thus access the files from my computer which are backed up there, so it has been working well enough for now. After the Medieval days at Hägnan event I will figure out what I want to do--if we should just fix the old one (he thinks a new hard drive would solve the issues, but it would still be an old computer with a new hard drive, and I don't actually have disks for the operating system, only the programs), or if I will buy a new one, or what.

Friday we drove down to Skellefteå for their Medieval Days event. This is the first time they have done this--they have a lovely site on a small island in the river, accessible via a foot bridge, and I think it will make a great annual event. I would have loved to have participated the full week, but I was also glad to have the time to work on projects for the house (working at Gustaf's counts as working at our place, since he put in so many hours on our landscaping first, so it is a good trade). It was kinda rainy on Friday, and I spent most of the day working on a nålbindning project while sitting in the pavilion of a cute Norwegian merchant (from whom I purchased some fur that looks good with the grey/black diamond twill wool I bought last year at Visby). Caroline had to work on Saturday, and the others were ready to head home earlier than I had expected. I considered just staying--one of the autocrats tried to convince me that even though I hadn't registered for the event I was very welcome--they have room in the crash space tent, and plenty of vegetarian food available. I considered it, but decided it was wiser to head home and accomplish stuff.

Since heading home we have:

* started painting the south side of the house (it has needed it for quite some time)
* did the hand-smoothing of the dirt on the terrace (which we will probably cover over with some sort of concrete or stone tiles, depending on what we find at a reasonable price) to make a nice outdoor entertainment area that doesn't need to be mowed (it would be bothersome to carry a mower down the steps to the terrace anyway)
* built a base for the support frame for the earth cellar roof (out of some birch trees that he cut down over near the shed on the bottom half of the property as they were in the way of the road that his bother put in)
* cleaned out the container
* bought some shelf support brackets (which he has welded into place inside the container)
* started power-sanding the wooden floor of the container (in hopes of getting the smell of old spilled oil out of it)
* done some baking for Hägnan

Now it is Monday and David has returned to work. I have started packing for the event, and will return to that momentarily. Tomorrow we go set up, and then we spend the rest of the week alternating between educating the public about the middle ages during the day, and enjoying an SCA event in the evening.


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