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Upon request, here's the first review of an airline...based on criteria I've developed as a traveler with pain. I've also included information that will (hopefully) be useful to travelers with other disabilities.

Airline Review for Travelers With Pain: Alaska Airlines

What do you all think? Does this review give you information that would help you decide whether or not to fly Alaska Airlines? Is there different/more info you'd like in an airline review? Do you agree with my assessment of Alaska if you've flown them?

Date: 2011-03-22 01:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] falzalot.livejournal.com
We're flying Alaska with my dad to Hawaii, so I was glad to read this and see it shouldn't be too bad. We've got a wheelchair that we're taking with us, so I'm not anticipating too many issues, but thanks for the info on the blanket. My mom's all, "Oh, he can just wear his jacket" but he gets so cold I'm going to bring one along anyway.

I think my mom requested the bulkhead, so it's easier for him to get in and out. Personally, I *hate* bulkheads, since there's nowhere to stick your stuff, but this trip is going to be a exercise in patience. I've already told her they are only allowed one wheeled carry-on, because I can't push a wheelchair *and* drag stuff (I'll probably have two duffles over my shoulders!). And since our flight arrives 2 hours before my friend who's getting the car (probably a Ford Escape), we booked a handicapped shuttle to get us to the condo. So that way I can park the folks & the carry-ons at their service desk in baggage claim, get the big stuff, and they'll help me get everything to the shuttle.


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